Maria Rosa Sintes Johnson Passes Away

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of one of our long time members, Maria Rosa Sintes Johnson.  She was very generous  to the society with her help, and had donated paintings toward our fund raising efforts.  She will be greatly missed.

Maria Rosa Sintes Johnson (neé Sintes Abril) died on June 4th, after a brief hospitalization following cardiac arrest. She was 90 years old.  Maria owned and worked in a number of retail establishments, and was a gifted salesperson.

Maria Rosa was born in 1934 in Es Mercadal, Menorca, Spain.  Her father, a tailor by trade, served as Mayor of their village for several years.  One of 5 children, she and her family retain a strong presence in Mercadal and other parts of Menorca. As a fine artist Johnson produced many canvases depicting her childhood surroundings on the Mediterranean island. Maria Rosa earned teaching credentials in her early twenties, and taught locally, seeking experience. She worked in London and Belgium before meeting her husband Kenneth “Bud” Johnson, an American serviceman, whilst employed at Torrejon AFB near Madrid in the early sixties.  They returned together to the U.S. and were happily married for over 50 years until his death in 2019. They made homes in New Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota, and California before moving to Florida and settling in St. Augustine.

Maria Rosa owned and worked in a number of retail establishments, and was a gifted salesperson. But her passion was painting. She was active in the St. Augustine art community, and a former member and President of the Professional Artists of St. Augustine (P.A.St.A) Gallery. She also enjoyed participating in activities celebrating St. Augustine’s historic connection to Menorca with local descendants and the Menorcan Cultural Society.

She is survived by her children, Patricio Johnson of Nashville,TN, and Christine Johnson-Staub
(Peter) of Sandwich, MA, and her grandchildren Benjamin, Althea, and Julia.

A graveside service will be held at Evergreen Cemetery on Tuesday, July 23, 2024 10 am.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Feline Canopy of Care.

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Who are the Menorcans?

In 1768, over 1400 people left the Mediterranean and set sail for British East Florida. Among this group were Menorcan, Greek, Italian, Corsican, and French peoples. This was the largest single group of European settlers to immigrate as a single group to the New World. The courageous efforts of the group to tame the wilderness and settle a portion of Northeast Florida represents a major contribution to early American history.

The Menorcans spent the first nine years toiling under harsh conditions and endured even harsher treatment. Their numbers were decimated by disease and starvation. In the fall of 1777, the remaining members, now less than 700 souls, walked to St. Augustine. They petitioned the British governor, Patrick Tonyn, and he granted them a space in the northwest section of the old walled city.

A second Spanish occupation and the eventual acquisition of Florida by the young United States changed the flags that flew over the city. Since coming to the city, the Menorcan colonists and their descendants have been an integral part of St. Augustine and St. Johns County for more than two centuries. Pubg Mobile Uc

Preserving and promoting the Menorcan heritage through events and membership.

The Menorcan Cultural Society was founded in the 1980s to preserve and promote the heritage and culture of the Menorcans who left their Mediterranean homeland to make a new life in the New World. We are the only Menorcan society in the United States, and we enjoy a worldwide membership.

San Juan Festival, Ciutadella, Menorca 06/23/14 photo by J. Masters


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